About Us

BUG is a platform for contemporary art where emerging artists alongside designers meet curators and showcase multidisciplinary works at two main gallery spaces, "city & rang sit", supported by Bangkok University.

BUG also boasts of a meeting ground where ideas and cultural exchange can take place with artists in the residency program and collaboration works.

We strive for creativity and practice that signify the next step in the contemporary era.

What we do

new media
Collaboration – engage – create network

The success in speaking a language does not just depend on the ability to speak the language itself. It is further beneficial when a conversation takes place and ideas are exchanged between both parties.

The collaboration work at BUG aims simply to create an opportunity to enable dialogue between each co-party, hoping to advance to a much more engaging environment together.

Brandnew Project

Brandnew was initiated by BUG in 2003. It aims to encourage new generation artists to express themselves and show their work through solo exhibition based on now compulsory themes. Brandnew offers the first stem for such young artists/critics who are committed and wish to pursue their careers as profession in the future.

Essentially, Brandnew focuses on bringing art enthusiasts and audiences together through the collaborating galleries and nurturing a network of contemporary art galleries in Bangkok

Artist in Residency

BUG has held the Artist in Residency Project since 2004. The main purpose of the project is to provide a platform for art intellects among Thai artists, art students and Artist in Residency participants from other parts of the world to exchange ideas.

And stir-up to create new experiences through the addition of their expertise, energy, and unique perspectives.

Apart from that, we are expanding the contemporary art institution and gallery network throughout the world.

Kentaro Hiroki
Thai Art Now

Thai Art NOW” is established for the purpose of pushing and promoting contemporary art and culture, supporting emerging Thai or permanent resident artists to be able to thrive in the current art scene of Thailand.

Filled with tremendous cultural and natural opportunities, this annually curated solo show forms a network of support and opportunity, which is designed for exhibitions, programs and education.

Public & Mission

The creation of artistic work is considered to be inherent to national development.

BUG strongly commits itself to serve as a learning source in order to make students, the public and the local community realise and appreciate the values of arts and culture, which are part of our ways of life